Presentation of the association

The National Association for Cactus Development is a non-profit organization that has been launched in 2017 by Tunisian companies which operate in the production and processing of Organic cactus.
In fact, Tunisia is one of the leading producers and exporters of Prickly pears Cactus products.
Today, ANADEC brings together more than twenty industrial enterprises, cooperatives of agricultural services and agricultural development groups. It is recognized by its national and international partners as the only support structure for the promotion and development of the prickly pear sector.


The Association aims to represent the Tunisian Organic prickly pear cactus sector and to promote the virtues of its certified organic products by:
– Representing the sector in national and international events.
– Developing partnerships with national and international associations and organizations operating in the sector.
– Working with the relevant authorities to distinguish Tunisian Prickly Pear Seed Oil to protect it against fraud.
– Organizing an annual international cactus festival in Kasserine.
-Launching a common Tunisian brand “Fair trade” to help producers achieve better trading conditions and to improve social, environmental and international standards.


Tunisia is one of the internationals cactopoles.